Dating a coffee shop girl

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After all, they’re understatedly flirty, the most important provider in your life, and the first person you want to see in the morning—a recipe for love, right?“Read the room” is a safe place to start, says Gabrielle, a barista at a high-end New York City cafe.

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That’s a definite no, as is what one customer did to Katie, a Starbucks barista: “An older man, a regular, brought me a present on Valentine’s Day—a large Victoria’s Secret bag with three sparkly thongs inside.

It is totally harmless, and maybe she or he will call.”If you decide to go for it, definitely have a conversation beforehand, our barista panel advised unanimously.

Beyond the obvious—helping you determine whether your advances are welcome—it will also make clear to the barista whose number they received.“I think everyone has a story of getting a number and trying so hard to figure out who it’s from,” says Julia, who works at a coffee shop in Somerville, MA.

“I think leaving a note is a cute idea,” she says, but the last time someone left one for her she couldn’t identify whom it was from.

“It is a busy coffee shop and long shift, so I had no idea.

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