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This summer, the world remembers the start of World War I.

This catastrophe shattered the global civilization of Europe to a degree that in terms of prosperity, security, demography and basic optimism about life and the future took more than 40 years to recover from — and then only after even greater catastrophes.

Elas foram avaliadas por um Corpo de Jurados, que atribuiu notas para os quesitos “Simpatia e Beleza”, “Desenvoltura na Passarela” e “Capacidade de Comunicação”.

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O Torneio dos Trabalhadores é organizado pela Prefeitura e é considerado o principal evento esportivo da cidade.

But any which way one turns historic responsibilities, all the unprecedented and previously unimaginable cataclysms of the first half of the 20th century across Eurasia flowed from that one, fundamental cause — the start of full-scale international war between the Great Powers in the summer of 1914.

The Russian Revolution, the killer famines that swept the infant Soviet Union, the Ukrainian genocide of up to 10 million people, Stalin’s Great Terror, the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi conquest of Europe, the Holocaust and the hecatombs of dead in World War II (80 million people, including 27 million Soviet citizens) all stemmed from that original catastrophe in 1914.

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